What to do when you receive your Cleanse kit:

Activate Your 4-Week Support

Important: We'll need to ask you a few questions before activating your 4-week support.

Hello ,

Welcome to the Group Cleanse! Use the links below to start / resume your weekly program.


This is a 4-week self-paced detox program.

You're in a private members area that will provide resources to help you follow through the cleanse with ease - through instructional and educational videos.

We provide a support line via email daily if you need any help or clarifications. Content is best viewed on a desktop browser, but it is also mobile-friendly.

Tip: Bookmark this site so you can quickly access the content without logging in each time.

Program Structure

  • 4 on-going weeks of content & group engagement in this members area
  • Pre-cleanse instructions (this actually covers 90% of what you'll need in order to do the herbal program)
  • Tea Time with Hang Wang - Live Group Call where Hang will read out your questions answer them for you on camera. (Use the "Submit A Question" button on the menu to shoot Hang a question directly that you'd like covered in the Tea Time sessions.)
  • Email support to answer all your questions


  • Health & Healing Video Topics
  • Herbal Formula Videos
  • The Art of Detox Companion Book (only available to participants)
  • The Art of Radiant Health Book Chapter (only available to participants)

Cleanse Support

If you're facing a healing crisis, unsure how to proceed with your cleanse and need personalized help, click the button below to get in touch! (We'll usually respond within 24 hours)

You're getting all this for FREE as part of the Cleanse Kit Order


Experience the Power of Detoxification

The Group Detox Experience Timeline

Step 1: Your Cleanse Kit Arrives!

Check to make sure you have all that you need:

For the Basic Cleanse (4 Weeks):

  • Colon Cleanse - 2x
  • Liver & Blood Health - 1x
  • Kidney Cleanse - 1x
  • Lymph Detox - 1x
  • Adrenal Builder - 1x (promo only)

For the Follow-Up Cleanse (4 Weeks): 

  • Intestine Broom - 2x
  • Stone Dissolver - 1x
  • Kidney Cleanse - 1x
  • Lymph Detox - 1x
  • Adrenal Builder - 1x (promo only)

Step 2: Explore The Resources

Here's our suggested exploration track:

1: The Art of Detox Companion Book

Browse our foundational booklet that addresses the root of disease, the foundations to health, and what makes detoxification such a meaningful process in bringing about better, more radiant health.

2: Prepare Your Cleanse Calendar

Use the tutorial to prepare a calendar to track and adjust your herb protocol

3: Learn About Your Herbal Formulas

We've prepared video explanations on each formula and how to take them. Plus, a special topic on "Herbal Protocol and Personalization".

4: Make Improvements to Your Diet

While you begin the cleanse, it is important to have a good diet - one that is nourishing and supportive. Stay away from the bad carbs and heavy meals which you know will overload your system.  

5: Create A Better Environment for Work & Life

Your body will need more resources while doing the cleanse. Spend some time reflecting on how to curate your environment so that it is stress-relieving. Adjust your work expectations and create more breathing room for you to rest and recover during this period.

6: Weekly Themed Topics

* This is an exclusive privilege for group cleanse participants only.

Each week, you'll be able to access themed topics around the detoxification journey, energy practices, meditation, and much more! You'll see them appearing on the interactive sidebar (desktop), or at the bottom of the page (mobile). Alternatively, they will also appear here.

7: Teatime with Hang Wang

* This is an exclusive privilege for group cleanse participants only.

Once a week, we'll host a live Tea Time session with Hang Wang over a group Zoom call. Participants will be given the invite link via email. We'll do a check-in with you and answer any questions about your cleanse progress. Those who are unable to attend may submit questions ahead of time to mail@mingherbs.com, and we'll have it addressed for you in the video. The video replay will be made available within 24 hours.

Be consistent and diligent with your designed lifestyle and in the use of your herbal program.

We are here to provide you assistance and guidance through the cleanse experience. 

Your Biggest Take-Away from the Cleanse Experience:

  • Detoxify your gut, liver, kidneys;
  • Move & clear stagnations;
  • Alkalize and Rejuvenate at the Cellular Level
  • Improve overall health

Resources offered in the Members Area:

  • learn how to use our herbal program to detox the body
  • learn how the herbal formulas work with your system
  • be introduced to the key principles of why we age, fall sick and get dis-eased
  • develop a lifelong skill in the practice of Qi Gong and Meditativeness
  • create your personalized 4-week detox program consisting of lifestyle changes (diet, environment, activity, herbs, energy practices) that you can re-use for a lifetime
  • during the 4 weeks, benefit from direct access to Hang Wang & Ming Herbs support team 
  • get access to special offers that are made available only to participants

Enjoy the detox experience!

"You are here to live joy, love and freedom" - Hang Wang

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