Detoxification - Pillars of Success (private recording)

How to release stagnations in your body, unlock your true healing potential and reverse the aging process

Hey, it's Hang Wang here... on the rice fields of Bali.

Today I'm sharing with you this video that summarizes the big ideas around detoxification.

The video is a private recording that was made for members of our upcoming group cleanse program.

If you're wondering what detoxification entails, or if you're working on improving your health through detoxification and need clarity on what the journey looks like...

This 18-minute video will help you gain a deeper understanding on the big objectives of a detox program and how to assess your internal state of health.

You'll want to take notes when I explain these 3 key ideas and more:

3:42 - Why your tissues and inner fluid hold the secret to understanding your state of health

6:00 - Why some people get results from a detox program while others get little to no results?

11:44 - How to increase the regenerative capacity of your tissues? (i.e. reverse aging)

There are many layers to true healing, and Detoxification is one of the most crucial components of this bigger process.

In totality, it also depends on things like mindset, diet, lifestyle, moving of Qi - and most importantly - how much the individual is willing to invest on their well-being.

In this video I tackle the puzzle of why a seemingly healthy individual could one day find a tumour growing inside the body...

And the reason why an elderly may take longer to heal from wounds than a young child... (hint: it's not just because of "old age")

And why some Qi Gong masters at their ripe age of 90s are still strong and capable of making babies...

and much more...

including how we can use tonic herbs to rejuvenate our hormonal system.

These are simple concepts yet little understood.

It took me over 20+ years (of learning, studying and practising) to arrive at this point of crystal clarity on the ideas that govern our health and how to optimize it further.

My wish is for you to learn these healing wisdoms so you can shortcut your journey towards better, more radiant health.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the detox experience!

- Hang Wang

"Walking On The Rice Fields with Hang Wang" 

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